Hi and welcome to The Critic!

My name is Ian Knott and I have been a game reviewer for about 18 years now and am arguably New Zealand’s most published reviewer with just over 4500 reviews in print! That includes not only games, but DVD’s, Music, Websites and Gadgets.

If you’re in New Zealand you might have seen my work in:

  • The Christchurch Press (Game, Music & Website reviews)
  • The Christchurch Citizen (Technology Editor & Reviewer)
  • The Sunday Star Times (Games, DVD’s, Music, Websites)
  • The Herald on Sunday (Games)
  • The Otago Daily Times (Games)
  • The Christchurch Star (Games)
  • NZ TV Update (Games)
  • M2 Magazine (Gadgets & Games)
  • getfrank.co.nz (Gadgets, DVDs and Games)
  • Gameplanet.co.nz (Game reviews)
  • Academy Publishing (Technology columnist – current)
  • Tearaway Magazine (Games, Technology & Music)
  • APN Regional/Community Newspapers (Weekly game column – current)
  • Mainland Press, Christchurch Star and communities (Weekly game column – current)
  • Fatso Games Club (current)

I’ve been playing games all my life, since Pong back in the 70’s and I have no plans to stop any time soon. Writing and reviewing isn’t my job – it’s my hobby and passion. I am actually a website and graphic designer here in Christchurch.

So The Critic is basically one central place to dump all my writing (I’m not going to upload my whole back catalogue!). Some will be short & sweet and others will go into more detail.

I’ll also be posting industry news, usually relevant to New Zealand as it arrives in my inbox.

So enjoy your stay and feel free to comment or make suggestions.

Notian is my Xbox Live gamertag/PSN user name. Notian is a bit of a play on my name (Knott Ian) but I prefer to pronounce it NO SHUN. Feel free to flick me a friend request!


Ian Knott

The Critic.

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